Verbal And The Kickdrums - Idiot Savant


Idiot Savant breaks onto the scene with Dj Green Lantern's crew, Team Invasion. Idiot Savant is a group project combining the talents of rising star, Verbal, and the production powerhouse The Kickdrums. This self-titled mixtape is a collection of songs reflecting on girls, booze, and life's ups and downs mixed by Team Invasion's DJ Giovanni. Verbal's wordplay and delivery have been called "brilliant" and "refreshing" by fans and critics alike. Straying from battle rhymes and brag rap, Verbal digs deep on tracks like, "Don't Say a Word," then loosens up on fun songs such as "Good Lookin." The Kickdrums, whose lengthy production resume includes 50 Cent, Little Brother, and Ray Cash, bring non-stop fire behind the boards fusing original instrumentation and classic sampling. The Kickdrums' Fitts provides background vocals and hooks throughout the album. The Idiot Savant mixtape has all the makings of a classic that thinks outside the box and sounds like the next big thing. Enjoy!

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1:00 PM September 9, 2011 jrob52 said:

this that new sound
11:20 PM June 10, 2011 chrishenry101 said:

i just started lissioning to the kickdrums an they are very under rated
11:17 AM February 24, 2009 cody222 said:

this **** is what up.............
6:11 PM January 27, 2009 jsmith0729 said:

THIS MIXTAPE IS HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERBAL KILLZZZ IT!!!!!! KICKDRUMS 216 DID IT AGAIN!
11:08 PM December 20, 2008 TacoT45 said:

Verbal kills it on this mixtape. One of my favorite mixtapes ever..honestly
5:03 PM December 1, 2008 basebh10 said:

****ing great
1:39 PM May 24, 2008 sheltop said:

Verbs killed it again.
2:03 PM May 21, 2008 davinchicode said:

Good **** Verbal!