Best Of Da Kid 5

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3:01 AM May 29, 2014 whodakid1017 said:

Yerrrrt. Fire like always #Da Realist
4:45 PM May 27, 2014 050thugz said:

still one if not THE most talented realest dude to be overlooked today, this guy deserves alot more, go check out 300 spartans now if u didnt already!!! #R.I.P Dunk!
10:18 AM May 27, 2014 DayonJones via Mobile:

Damn what sy ari gotta do to get u niggas to kno he da truth. He spit the hardest and realest ****
11:43 PM May 26, 2014 EffYou334 said:

this nigga can rap and produce good
3:55 PM May 26, 2014 bigls23 said:

3:21 PM May 26, 2014 dredubya57 said:

Go look up the best of PAC, snoop, Dr. Dre, jay-z and tell me if it doesn't cover at least 10 years of music.
3:15 PM May 26, 2014 dredubya57 said:

Ajizzle I bet you rap to huh lolololol
3:14 PM May 26, 2014 dredubya57 said:

Ok so this guy hasn't even made a top hit so how the hell can you come out with a best of?. Best of is top hits not a bunch of songs thrown on a mix tape.