Treal Lee & Prince Rick - #TakeOffGang


After great success with their single Throwed Off and conquering various obs hot movement obstacles. This duo has teamed up with the streets A&R Bigga Rankin and super dj, Bay Bay for their latest mixtape. This project is sure to get the clubs and fans back to moving and rapping along to Treal Lee and Prince.

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5:08 PM July 26, 2014 poopypantz said:

When i went to Housto. I saw niggaz kissing.... Just to mention,Ho Im aware of my surroundings. I pay attention. .. .haha.. I digg any artist from TeXaS!
7:23 PM May 28, 2014 DLD214 via Mobile:

This is why Dallas ain't taken serious, always makin fukn club, twerk, or party music Smfh. This is why Houston ppl always talk **** about Dallas rap cus they always doing bull**** like this
5:24 PM May 28, 2014 dianne227 via Mobile:

If u want a good mixtape bite the Atlanta style everybody doing it
10:28 AM May 28, 2014 bandooloo said:

Mr Hit That Hoe, where has your D-Town boogie gone?
9:30 AM May 28, 2014 selldumbseen said:

I thought these cats were from Dallas.... This mixtape sounds just like that Atlanta crap. Couldn't even get through 2 songs, Auto-tune and un-originalality is killing these cats. I'll pass.
7:42 AM May 28, 2014 blackoutgang09 said:

Smh diz auto tune shyt killen nggaz...stay away from it
7:30 PM May 27, 2014 Boom01 said:

I thought the mixtape sounded like noise but when they sampled "Shorty Swing My Way" by KP & Envyi on track 11 I had to listen. It took me way back. Now that was the jam back in the day.
6:37 PM May 27, 2014 666Blatlanta via Mobile:

Hell yeah, fukk everybody is a way of life.