Hall Of Fame Worm - Closed Mouths Get Fed

DJs: DJ Esco
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2:30 PM October 11, 2014 ImonNiggas said:

Nigga don't call him future call em a swagga jacka, this nigga got Yung thug voice with future flow pattern... SMH ANOTHER NIGGA THAT WANT TO SOUND LIKE HIS FAVORITE RAPPER....
9:15 AM October 10, 2014 ChaseABank via Mobile:

Young future what they should call him kid going in
2:02 PM October 8, 2014 atlzbioz said:

lol!!!!!!!!! this sht ride
1:02 PM October 8, 2014 yungd112 via Mobile:

I ****s wit it #100
7:46 PM June 8, 2014 lanizo74 said:

Squad FU
4:47 PM June 3, 2014 sdblack26 said:

this is a must have mixtape