Propain - Ridin Slab

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Released 07/10/2013

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Chopped Not Slopped Version: Propain - Ridin Slab (Chopped Not Slopped)

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9:19 PM April 12, 2015 negus13luv said:

10:45 AM March 30, 2015 DLD214 via Mobile:

Whoever voted this down must really have hate in their heart, you can't vote this **** down. One of the best mixtapes to drop out of Texas ever
12:41 PM March 16, 2015 jaysus said:

11:42 PM March 14, 2015 krownme1 said:

its new to whoever hasnt heard it yet
..tight lyrics and beats
7:58 AM March 5, 2015 jeezy103 via Mobile:

This is old but I still fuks wit it
1:13 PM February 28, 2015 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

Ima pull a you on you on that azz
9:48 PM February 26, 2015 A9amis said:

dope mixtape, but this is like 2 yrs old...
1:03 PM February 26, 2015 djcroyce said:

***** This Goes down in History as a classic**** Love me some papa Pro

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