Aaron Wayne - Metaphonic EP

Thank you for downloading my first original release in over a year! Where have I been? I honestly feel that the EDM scene in past year or two has seen a stagnation of development and new ideas, I know many people will disagree, we are all entitled to our own preferences. But with this loss of personal inspiration, I pretty much stopped releasing music. I struggled to find a style I enjoyed making and listening to. But after a year of hiatus and reflection (with the occasional remix here and there), I think I found my way back to music that moves and grooves and most importantly, makes me happy. I decided to release a three-track EP, and it's probably my favorite release to date. Funk, deep house, French house, and glitch hop are all styles I have squeezed into these three different songs. My last two EPs were very homogenized, and I'm extra proud that this release does not possess one central theme or idea. For this EP, I explored various production workflows, sampling sources, and synthesis and arrangement techniques. Included is also a fantastic deep house remix of Metaphonic by my good friend Nick Van House. In my opinion, his remix just might be the best song on the EP. Making these songs was refreshing and fun, I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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