Truez - Damn My Lifetime

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4:37 PM July 3, 2014 afairban said:

love it truez and keep doing ya thang
6:52 PM June 27, 2014 augboi08 said:

he just got signed to epic records
1:00 AM June 23, 2014 MillzNomar7 said:

One of my personal favorite mixtapes of 2014, definitely a fan of your music now
10:33 PM June 22, 2014 quesha2010 said:

Next big thing, good music is here!!!!!!! Turn up time and shout out to my cousin Durante well done guys!!!!
9:48 PM June 19, 2014 Gerald21 said:

I **** with it Truez.
2:01 PM June 17, 2014 paytendaddy said:

What up GroGro dis pah-lay I second that Truez up there on my list to.#Truez nation.
11:06 AM June 17, 2014 Znicefam3 said:

If this nigga dnt get signed somethin wrong wit tha industry! **** dope af!
9:06 PM June 16, 2014 GroGro said:

definitely my new favorite rapper!