niceFingers - Dreamery

Imagine a sonic wonderland where ethereal melodies swirl around you and deep, pulsing bass lines rumble beneath your feet, urging you forward - into the unknown. In this quasi-reality, to walk is to dance, to speak is to truly listen, and to understand is to let go. As you regain a sense of harmonic balance and rhythm, you wonder to yourself, 'Is this a dream?' Enter 'Dreamery'- the latest musical exploration from LA-based duo niceFingers. 'Dreamery' is a landscape of sounds previously unexplored and uncovered, created with intention to constantly shift and shape our idea of what music can be. This album cannot be defined by any one genre or trend. Instead, 'Dreamery' forges its own musical path. With dreamy vocals, entrancing beats and emotionally-crafted melodies, niceFingers take their listeners on an aural journey to a dimension where imagination, creativity and musical enlightenment take flight.

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