The Polish Ambassador - Pushing Through The Pavement LP

Loved for his rootsy, indie EDM and sunny, shimmering beats, The Polish Ambassador springs deeper into organic, soulful sonics on his latest offering, Pushing Through the Pavement. The albums tracks sprout from funk, R&B, and hip hop, thanks to a crew of friends and collaborators that feels like a snapshot of Bay Area underground soulfulness combined with worldwide musical allies. Progressive hip hop featuring Mr. Lif cross-pollinate with Indian and global chants ('Sri Gurvastakam' and 'Koyelia'). Dubbed-out flow ('Rise and Release' featuring Raashan Ahmad) and delicate, positive R&B ('Wait for One That's Special' featuring the velvet-voiced Sean Haefeli) raise the roof. It's all part of the same shifting energy for TPA: 'For me it is a modern day soul record with hip hop, jazz, and world flair. The electronic backbone ties it all together. That is what I am most stoked about. You can go from one track to another, unable to classify this record as a certain style.' Yet the vibe remains the same: Be yourself, do it joyfully, and do it sustainably.' - Dmitri Vietze/Rock, Paper, Scissors

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