Wiz Khalifa - 28 Grams

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10:19 PM September 4, 2019 campilongo said:

First time I will ever say this.. The version with DJ Drama is better. But anyways this is ****in fireeeee.

"love is life and life is livin'
****in awesomeeee yeahhhhhh heeeehhhhheee"
3:44 AM April 17, 2019 mikeconley2094 via iOS App:

@Juicestokes1987 stfu this tape has way too much auto too even be considered a good wiz tape let alone be compared to kush and oj.
3:10 PM February 15, 2018 Marquis501 via Android App:

I Like The DatPiff Version Better, W/ The Tags & Him Talkin' ****.
1:32 PM June 3, 2017 therealmjk via Mobile:

Banger all the way
6:47 AM December 7, 2016 Juicestokes1987 via Android App:

One of Wiz best tapes, ever!! Might've well call it K&OJ2. that o.u.y is a masterpiece. love that song. love this tape ! 💥
4:43 PM July 25, 2016 SelfMadeLolo via Mobile:

How To Be Real
11:49 PM May 29, 2016 Vortify via iOS App:

And why hasn't this tape hit a million views yet? It's almost there but this **** bangs.
7:44 PM May 17, 2016 feud_ said:

im smoking pounds of kush.. HANDLE MY BUSINESS! OHHH ****TT!

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