J. Beezy - Life Of A Shooting Star

I started off rappin at 15 but didn't take it serious till 19. I didn't have no where to record so I used to record off of voice memos on my phone by the phone up to a beat on YouTube. I made at least 12 tracks freestyling and burn the cd off iTunes then pass it out to the school. People were giving me good feedback so I was trying to figure out where a studio was one day. Later on I got on a producer by the name of Gii and that's when I started working on my mixtape. While working on the mixtape Gii and I linked up with Chill Will from Atlanta to host the mixtape. The mixtape is called Life Of A Shooting Star. The reason I named it that is because I feel like I'm a star and I'm on the come up. I'm bringing the people into my life so they know what I been going through and what I been doing. I'm just trying to make my dream come true and make it out my city. - J. Beezy

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