HAW (Chopped Not Slopped)

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12:01 PM January 7, 2017 Madnez_81 said:

7:30 PM June 13, 2015 713TRiLL via Mobile:

For real doobinino and that future Drake it ain even og mix u ****ing dumbass
2:47 PM April 12, 2015 Madnez_81 via Mobile:

Awesome from first to last track Gizzle!
3:13 PM June 28, 2014 crisisice said:

This mixtape was done in conjuction with the Houston Appreciation Weekend event Drake had here in Houston. It's basically OVO mixtape. Not a Houston mixtape per se. Eric Dingus is from Austin.
10:53 AM June 27, 2014 MattHasTheMusic said:

@doobinino if I recall correctly, the original version was remixed by Eric Dingus, who I believe is from Houston.
5:00 PM June 24, 2014 t_r_j said:

I wonder what tracks are missing I can't find a tracklist
12:28 PM June 24, 2014 mano1367 via Mobile:

The best **** you drop this year.
12:10 PM June 24, 2014 debraminkins said:

Its some tracks missing on this mixtape