Dre P. - Drugs And Paper

Andre J. Parr aka Dre P., was born on August 17th, in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is a small Midwestern trap town in Ohio noted for being a rendezvous point for notorious Detroit gangsters in the early 1920's. The cultural impact on this layover stop is the father to Dre P.'s unparalleled sound and style. Heavily influenced by the realities of hustling and pimping yet also blessed enough to be introduced to the world of entertainment, Dre P. recorded his first mix tape Still Stack'n and began to sell it independently in 2006. Dre P hooked up with Kansas City native DJ KansasCityCash and Ohio native DJ CoreDJCube to put together his current mixtape 'Drugs and Paper'. Dre P who now is the face of the clothing power house 'Drugs' is attacking the rap game aggressively with this mixtape followed by a follow up tape hosted by OG DJ BiggaRankin.

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Dre P. - I Want The Love Official Video

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