Scotty ATL - OTR2SJ

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4:15 PM December 3, 2014 KillaBeastMode said:

The unedited version is on Itunes now and Scotty selling it for $4.99. Which is relatively inexpensive. Support quality music.
6:36 PM October 17, 2014 daville1 via Mobile:

Drop the uncensored versions
12:21 PM October 9, 2014 TMGHIPHOP via Mobile:

4:41 PM July 30, 2014 jlwilliams83 said:

I dig it! dude is solid!
1:53 AM July 27, 2014 PMGATL said:

he had 2 tapes before ra ra dropped his first. them niggas cool stop starting them rumors lame.
9:59 AM July 26, 2014 BillionaireMenu via Mobile:

Ra Ra beefing with him. He say he stole his style
12:17 AM July 25, 2014 bizzal76 said:

1:17 PM July 24, 2014 lemonhead1 said:

its edited because its sponsored by Toyota/scion and its only a prelude to Spaghetti Junction which most of these songs will be on there and unedited version......go read and found out ****