Grinders In Da Carolinas 9

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5:11 AM August 15, 2014 rohandagreatmc said:

Salute to everyone who took the time out to listen to this tape!!! Would love to hear your thoughts on track #9, my single "Rule The World" ft All3n F.
3:46 PM July 26, 2014 MADELIFE said:

get with the movement still goin strong #MME
11:07 AM July 25, 2014 Stoner_Simpson336 said:

Tha homie P.O. Goin In on #19!! Thats wuts good! Salute to all the Grinders in The Carolinas. Word up!
11:40 PM July 20, 2014 bluegutboi said:

"Goin Strong Feat. P.O."-------> hardest joint on the mixtape my opinion hands down!!! #MadeMan
7:02 PM July 20, 2014 legendaryaudioclipz said:

Project Pat still killin ****!!! S/O Memphis and Carolina and the connection #CarolinaondaRise
5:28 PM July 20, 2014 7oh4 said:

that #GOINSTONG! I see u Mr.Mademan. Keep grindin bruh
5:14 PM July 20, 2014 Southside_Super_Star said:

#GOINSTRONG that # 19 a fool s/o to P.O. and AWil for that one #banger
4:34 PM July 20, 2014 Dicedundadda said:

Aye bruh dat #19, Still Goin Strong go hard AF!! Im feelin dat!!