Lil Wyte - Wytelytes

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4:52 PM March 14, 2016 just2frosty said:

recycled *** mixtape. I want to hear all new lil wyte.
5:15 PM August 6, 2014 IncendiaryBurnz said:

listen to this dumb azz talking like he's ''Frenchmontanas''
10:37 AM July 28, 2014 frenchmontanas said:

check out cocain city dvd you ****ing retards then you see how hard french was a real spitta
10:35 AM July 28, 2014 frenchmontanas said:

Lmao ya'll lil wiggers talk funny first of all french a real goon second ....... lil wyte got his *** kicked out of 3 6 mafia
12:35 PM July 27, 2014 nastynick said:

bbabhaaa he said French Montana lololol There is absolutely NOTHING AT ALL lyrical about French Montana. We can tell your from this new gay *** generation and know nothing about music.
10:26 PM July 24, 2014 Slabking81 via Mobile:

This mixtape is like a year old but it still jams
9:42 PM July 24, 2014 madroxide said:

Wyte would body french's worthless garbage rappin *** bar for bar...This is a fact
9:40 PM July 24, 2014 madroxide said:

Twiztid is on that "One of them days" track..and how is Lil wyte featured on his own song #24?...Soilid Mixtape tho