Memphganistan (Hosted By Calico Jonez & Yo Gotti)

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3:40 PM August 4, 2014 swagj88 said:

yung motha****in KEE
10:35 PM July 31, 2014 kingofkings330 said:

rocko is from atl, shy glizzy is from dc, cap-1 is from the atl and buck is from nashville... im jus sayin... haha. this **** is wack tho real talk
1:04 PM July 31, 2014 bandooloo said:

Rocko, Shy Glizzy, Cap-1, Young Buck reppin' M-Town hard. GTFOH. Couple of junts on here, but too much generic ****.
11:14 PM July 26, 2014 blktrax31 said:

No we ain't competing wit no Chiraq...we the south we do thangs differently, we support our rappers not kill'em!!!
11:11 PM July 26, 2014 blktrax31 said:

Mane i'm from South Memphis 10, this **** just a name we don't even call Memphis no damn Memhganistan so ya'll chill the **** out!!!
9:57 AM July 26, 2014 Gold317 said:

memphganistan sounds retarded its Napghanistan for indianapolis 2 1/2 hrs south of chiraq
12:42 AM July 26, 2014 db314 said:

only one dolph song??????? come on now
11:55 PM July 25, 2014 t_r_j said:

Don't know most of these rappers but I don't like what I hear