St. Nick - Lost Angeles EP

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9:54 PM August 6, 2014 Smokewitme said:

I been listening to this EP since it came out. This NiggA St Nick is a problem.
6:39 PM August 1, 2014 Female_spitta said:

Real musik that's wht I'm talkin bout. Looking forward to hearing more
1:41 AM August 1, 2014 Bk_finest said:

Bars is crazy. Beats could of been a lil better tho. That Vicky song is the ****
4:37 PM July 31, 2014 Jlava315 said:

Just found out ST NICK is Dominic Lord brother EP is smooth keep it up
12:24 AM July 30, 2014 Al3xW1se said:

Down like South on repeat. Good **** bruh.
9:05 AM July 29, 2014 MostHatedGBoY said:

Ma first time listenN to this I'm thinkN Son Way betta than a lot of signed rappers today ..Labels Need to sign this man **** they DoIn... That's Food For thoughts Lets Get it!! Son
8:39 AM July 29, 2014 HypeMan18 said:

This Is what I'm Talkin about Fire!!! homie ... "Down Like South" That's my **** straight Hit!! Hope to hear this on the radio ... Keep doin ya thing Homie you gonna make it Far in Life
7:22 AM July 29, 2014 bobbyjohnson310 said:

i ****s wit this, dope lyrics, sounds like hes from Cali and NY