Noms - Circle Of Life EP

This one was a long time coming. We first linked up with @djnoms when he remixed @watapachi's first EP about 2 years ago now. Ever since then he's been relatively quiet, surfacing occasionally with his club-centric remixes, but today we are proud to finally present his first Official EP. It also marks @paveun's comeback since he kicked off our #Rawcut series with a brilliant flip of 'The Lie', and the introduction of ATL's @bakuura (who just released their latest EP via Hyperboloid Records, and are also part of the Tomahawk Chop Squad w/ Krimslo and more) and Boston's @r0b0kid who's fresh off his Bad Taste Records release and has generally been slaying it across your favorite URL compilations. Circle Of Life EP takes you through a wild night full of sweat, energy, love, and even tears. Listen to what happens as two people unexpectedly fall in love for one night, knowing very well that it will probably be the full extent of it. Again, want to thank and HLDRMN for their constant great work at mastering and art respectively.

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