Mistah FAB - Welcome 2 Tha Dope Era


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5:35 PM January 16, 2017 Iamsuice405 via Mobile:

All y'all ***** *** niggaz get y'all facts str8..mistah fab got hella styles since 03..been rapping before all yo favorite rappers and can gas any one of them...independent but living major..
12:13 AM October 1, 2014 willdantz said:

this nigga wish he was kevin gates. switching ****s after riding the hyphy train into the ground. try be origonal
12:05 AM September 13, 2014 Cityofdope said:

he cryn bout LA use'n the bays sound....then gets beat up
2:20 PM September 12, 2014 Cityofdope said:

this nigga garbo now, he aint even no who he is. nigga from the bay tryn sound like the chi or atl. fake
1:21 AM September 3, 2014 EdwardMcFadden via Mobile:

U couldn't do no show n tha 843.. re- up bruh... AK-47
4:49 PM August 19, 2014 young_bizz via Mobile:

Its a nice mixtape! I love Fabby Davis music but this style aint his original bay style, it sounds like a down south mixtape!
12:18 AM August 12, 2014 MizzouReezy said:

a dj sream tape.. i aint even gonna blow my ear drums out. "ITS DJ SCREEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMMM all over your mother****in track!!!!"
12:47 PM August 11, 2014 blac_ike via Mobile:

Even though fab bitin ace hood this pretty dope