David Starfire - Transformation

Renowned world music producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ, David Starfire, released a new EP titled 'Transformation' on his Amrita Recordings label and is free for the first 3 weeks. The songs on 'Transformation' were originally slated to be on his last album 'Awakening,' but David decided to release them separately because these songs have more of a 'hip hop' vibe. David is known for his psychedelic world music, and is also no stranger to hip hop collaborating with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa on his 'Ascend' album in 2013. The EP opens with 'Darshana', and features exotic South Asian instruments such as sarangi and shenai with lush strings for a powerful yet beautiful track. The second track, 'Shofar', has a reggae inspired dancehall feel with skank guitars and heavy dub bass. The third song, 'Soma Dreams', is a psychedelic audio landscape of with sitars, bansuri flutes and heavy 808 bass that rattles speakers. The last song, 'Apsara', has a true hip hop feel mixed with bhangra instruments from India such as tumbi and tabla. Blending bass music with indigenous world music is a natural progression, deep in ones core DNA. David shares, 'This EP was inspired by transformational events in my life and a shift towards a higher consciousness in humanity. A major component to this shift is music, and the intention of this EP is assist on ones journey.'

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