Ookami Collection

DJs: MOTO Made
Montreal based curation company MOTO Made launches the Ookami Collection, an audio-visual experience and online environment created with the collaboration of 10 producers from around the world and videos by Jos Enrique Montes Hernandez. This 10 track carefully constructed beat tape showcases the stunning work of producers Beemo (US), CRi (Canada), Dave Luxe (Belgium), Elzie (US), GrandBuda (Canada), J.u.D (Canada), Le Motel (Belgium), Shampoogod (US), Windozz (France) and WYLN (Canada). The non-linear short scenes accompanying the audio narrate his soul-searching trip to Mexico in early April; it is the first look at the content he has collected for his next exposition and book to be released with Galerie Yves Laroche.

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