Sean Teezy - Day 1

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12:52 PM November 24, 2014 stoner949 said:

Talkin all this **** bout Teezy. He been on since Da Kid. "The Other Guys"
9:47 AM August 20, 2014 Ear4music101 said:

I wanna be like mike 4x
Mike Jordan
Mike Jackson
Mike Tyson
Mike Vick
Might just touchdown on ya bit cuz she want dis d*ck cuz she saying I'm the worlds greatest!!!!
3:35 PM August 19, 2014 Ear4music101 said:

What are y'all saying this is not just goog music but great music no 2,6,8,9,10,11,13,14,16 all hits #classic Teezy keep pushing
2:40 PM August 19, 2014 BoominOFFdaCHain said:

Jesus christ my ears! we should riot on this nigga instead of mike browns killer. because this niggas music is killing my ear....****ing awful..change ur voice and maybe i can listen to this bull****
2:29 PM August 19, 2014 KINGOFSTLOUIS said:

2:28 PM August 19, 2014 johnycinco92 said:

Bra dont ever put no more garbage on here like this your mixtape is TRASSSHHHH bro i see why travis porter didnt want to rap wit you and id rather listen to soulja boy then listen to this BULL**** bra
2:18 PM August 19, 2014 1017thugnew said:

DAMN THIS **** IS GARBAGE ****!!!!
2:01 PM August 19, 2014 AntWayneWorld via Mobile:

Been ready for Teezy to drop again!!! Been real since Day1