Kahuna Ox - Money And Murder

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1:00 PM October 8, 2014 gwallace32 said:

lol i hope his is better than his rap!!! trash
12:00 PM October 8, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

pure trash
9:10 AM September 19, 2014 Deezrapperswacc said:

Search "Maniakk" he go hard af to be 16 , ion even know him I just heard him and are tryna expand his music
6:15 PM September 18, 2014 john7056 said:

rofl indianapolis

trying to be like chi raq

Napghanistan so weak fake asssss city

2:11 PM September 18, 2014 Juggalo_904 said:

Ill be Orlando oct 7 for Mafia 6 concert !! Cant Wait! @juggalo904
2:06 PM September 18, 2014 Juggalo_904 said:

Props to Three 6 Mafia's Dj Black !! Been looking for his new Screwed up chopstar titles, anybody know where to get?? Wonder if this mixtape is going to be draggednchopped
6:34 PM September 15, 2014 7225 said:

trash!!! beats sound the same to much talking.
8:43 PM September 14, 2014 Updatefree said:

This new CHICAGO rapper B DEALA be goin dumb on the beat lol listen to COMPLEX.... Go to B DEALA - REAL NIGGA **** (R.N.S)

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