Raury - Indigo Child

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10:07 PM December 7, 2015 fosterkidd said:

he cool, i **** with that cigarette song
11:22 PM March 14, 2015 Kareem95 said:

Im from The Moun don't know homie but I fw the Cudi sound
7:31 AM September 27, 2014 Lovens via Mobile:

We're Indigo.
4:21 PM September 10, 2014 wavemaster said:

thank you god. indigo children wake up
12:43 PM September 9, 2014 MetatronYHVH said:

You've got no choice but to make room so I suggest you remain open minded.

You look at the beginning and attempt to predict the future. I hope you're comfortable with that lmao.
5:30 PM September 6, 2014 ebarber123 said:

goin to have to agree wit homie below me.. save that **** for the hipster bruh...
1:16 AM September 5, 2014 EdwardMcFadden said:

U a cartoon rapper bruh... them folks n Utah will feel ur style.. not tha843
3:11 PM September 1, 2014 ampbonaparte via Mobile:

Im ****ing with him.. #homage #southside #atl