White Gzus - Stackin' N Mackin'

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1:24 AM April 1, 2015 whernandez2389 via Mobile:

This is a "Hard" mixtape, for all you'll out there "Real Street Music" and why would you post, busting a g**** in some brauds money makers, jaja you wearing them or what!?!?
1:54 PM September 3, 2014 mobb071 said:

solid tape
1:49 PM September 3, 2014 ChiGoonz said:

1:45 PM September 3, 2014 Getmoney_cge said:

****s w it!! you vote this down you aint listen frfr
4:27 PM August 31, 2014 kanardpromo said:

White Gzus - Dope tape. niggaz need to appreciate hip hop..
11:45 PM August 30, 2014 Supad4 said:

9:45 PM August 30, 2014 Al_ said:

yall some dumbass niggas arguin on a mixtape thread and aint gone bust a g**** with a high heel
5:22 PM August 29, 2014 Drummatic said:

@Gloyalty Your a dumbass nigga.. Smh youll see when you die