Black Montana - Street Scars N Bars


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Black Montana is an American hip-hop artist from Brighton, AL whom has been blessed with a unique twist and a fierce lyrical flow that truly sets him apart from the crowd. He gained momentum and was able to generate major buzz online and within his local scene with a series of mix tapes and tracks with an energy and unpredictable sound. Black Montana has been performing and writing music since early school days and gaining a lot of notoriety while attending Alabama State University on BET Spring Break winning the showcase in 2006, 2007, and 2008. His highly anticipated release with Bigga Rankin is about to blaze the streets and the online circuit.

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10:15 AM April 11, 2015 kontrevious via Mobile:

Dude said he sounds like migos u stupid foo dude do not sound like migos
1:06 PM October 25, 2014 dnanny via Mobile:

Looking like gucci at first glance
10:43 PM October 16, 2014 rosedestiny408 via Mobile:

I aint no hata bruh im frme the yay area wee do **** different out here this album aint for me bruh
6:35 PM October 6, 2014 Realknzreal said:

This clown makes bama look bad this album is trash. He sounds like he wants to be one of the Migos. How can you talk about being a hustler knowing damn well you're a customer.
3:22 PM September 28, 2014 livesouljah said:

This is so sick, I feel sick now. Badass Black Montana.
12:03 PM September 17, 2014 SlatronMeansKingofAlabama said:

HOG ALL I Fuk Wit Cha Black Montana
9:26 AM September 16, 2014 flyguy1986 via Mobile:

**** 💯💯💯💯
1:16 AM September 15, 2014 missboutbout said:

Y'all mf be hating on folks bad *** hell you just mad cause yall aint doing **** with your life get the **** out of here with that bull**** ...Black Montana Stand the **** up rep B-right-on