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12:16 PM April 25, 2018 FlexMax said:

7/10 Pkt. more electronic Trap parts please
12:32 AM October 25, 2014 ViniBrazil said:

Niiiiice... lots of good stuff
3:40 PM September 18, 2014 ayellaprince86 said:

I was sleeping on this compilation. This is quite amazing. My favorites are 7 and 13.
8:37 PM September 2, 2014 joho1551 said:

The name of some of the new Artists now-a-days are absolutely ridiculous!!!!! There has to be a large amount of Hip/Hop (Rap) fans that agree with me!!!!! Yes?... No?...
6:59 PM August 29, 2014 rochelleamos said:

I can't wait...