Studio Trappin

DJs: DJ 864
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9:34 AM September 8, 2014 Lovely_Diamonds23 said:

I'm Feelin' #17
11:17 PM September 4, 2014 Jreaal44 said:

We Appreciate all the love, And thanks to everyone that is supporting us... Spread the word, ((STUDIO TRAPPIN)) S.C. Stand Up...
6:22 PM September 4, 2014 samanthasosa said:

Studio Trappin RIDIN
6:18 PM September 4, 2014 karonsimpson said:

yall niqqas keep doin yall thang,the mix of artist on here was sick af
6:15 PM September 4, 2014 jenniferleong422 said:

Some of the realest tracks SC aint playing! damn
6:12 PM September 4, 2014 lorilopez said:

You got the whole 803 behind you 864, keep ****ing them up wit these fresh bangers!
6:07 PM September 4, 2014 jorgemendenhal said:

Extra and Keep It Real was the illest tracks on here.period!
5:59 PM September 4, 2014 nancyhazel100 said:

Some serious talent on here, dont sleep on none of them right here, Big Dog I C ur azz grinding.