Drop That 19

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5:37 PM March 23, 2013 Lxcky via Mobile:

50 cent is a male prostitute
7:23 PM October 7, 2008 hrell13 said:

why hate on 50 I hope he keep dissin yall wack *** rappers everytime he get on a mixtape u *****'s
2:10 AM July 18, 2008 ProfesserIce91 said:

50 tight... i mean his flow aint amazing or nothing but he witty and he be doing sum none gangsta **** sum times but he put out cool music
6:25 PM July 11, 2008 hoodlemguat said:

game went hard
5:11 PM July 6, 2008 badboy8403 said:

man **** 50 the only thing is hott is the beat he cant out rap lil wayne nor the game or young buck nor jay-z **** 50 i hate that mother ****er with a passion
11:58 AM July 5, 2008 zaymoney said:

dat nigga 50 is a real gangsta my niggs i like the way he came out on this mixtap and the old school beats show the has his own stly
12:58 AM July 5, 2008 jdigi61 said:

For example: listen to the mixtape called "Jay-Unit", where they put his different verses on g-unit beats, his flow is exactly the same in every one
12:58 AM July 5, 2008 jdigi61 said:

killbilla98, jay-z's obviously one of the most loved rappers alive without a doubt, but its easy to tell that he sounds the same in every verse.

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