#LeaksOfTheIndustry14 (Presented By LRG)


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9:49 PM September 9, 2014 Haitian_Food_305 said:

@ MetroBOOTY did you finish all your chores? Did you throw out the trash(CHIEF KEEF mixtapes),wash MAMMYS car,mope the floor,picked up the dry leaves and do your homework!! Well did you?
6:33 PM September 9, 2014 Haitian_Food_305 said:

1017 needs a hug, MetroBOOTY,GAY loyalty and all your other usernames.. You dont know music.Cause you only listen to ONE kind of music.. Expand your horizons WHITE BOY.
3:50 PM September 9, 2014 Haitian_Food_305 said:

GUCCI for GOVERNOR!! No school this whole year in the state of GEORGIA! Free weed,free MOLLYS,free haircuts, and free GUCCI BELTS!! All thanks to the INTERNET THUGGING of METRO,GAYLOYAL and 1017!
12:42 PM September 9, 2014 mrelectriccity said:

nothing worth listening to
11:24 AM September 9, 2014 LilBreeze17 said:

Kevin Gates track betta be good
5:50 AM September 9, 2014 tmacthagreat said:

Only 50 cent and g unit would pick a beat to freestyle on like the classic "pump pump". wasnt that on doggystyle? anyways good****!!!
4:12 AM September 9, 2014 9inchesandproud said:

G-Unit - Pump Pump (L.A. Leakers Freestyle)
3:40 AM September 9, 2014 skuff said:


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