Andre 3000 & Young Jeezy - Crack Addiction

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1:56 PM May 27, 2011 sheldon56 said:

young jeezy and andree 300 ? together ? thats rappers alive
3:54 PM December 24, 2010 FurbySkate16 said:

bobby black ****ed up. should have put devin the dude up on this tape instead of jeezy
2:57 PM December 11, 2010 Wanttapes3 said:

I Dont Like How Bobby Black Puts Rappers On Who Havent Even Done A SongTogether Theres Like No RealtionShip He Just Picks Two Random Rappers
12:04 AM July 9, 2010 sboney said:

i respect jeezy but how dare you lump him and 3000 together in a mixtape? there names shouldn't even be mentioned together... matter of fact only a select few can be mentioned with dre.
1:42 PM March 25, 2010 thegreatestness said:

lmao u say wayne dont make sense, actually he does u gotta listen carefully, Jeezy is a monster and Andre 3000 is above both of them
2:21 PM February 7, 2010 greeyneckk said:

haha respect 6 then the 5 i aint give a **** bout no bird play 5 droppin tho on this hip hop bangin tho all goin to jail haha
4:39 PM April 20, 2009 supermac94 said:

jeezy kills wayne any day ace u ******
12:31 AM April 1, 2009 Patrick123 said:

Royal Flush hardest track on album