Organized Crime

DJs: Jets
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10:31 PM March 20, 2017 Hoggnalac said:

Jets fool
10:29 PM March 20, 2017 Hoggnalac via Mobile:

All y'all stop hatin. Y'all niggaz prolly like that ol bubble gum fagot rap. Lil uzi vert and shyt
3:35 PM December 20, 2014 AaronLee1988 said:

Who cares he'll never come close to TRU whether he been with No Limit or still is with no limit.
9:04 PM November 30, 2014 Gar912 said:

TY sound alot like BG cause thats his son
3:04 AM November 28, 2014 CiscoSosa90 via Mobile:

No trademark?
11:20 AM October 19, 2014 stanky4twenty via Mobile:

1:04 PM October 11, 2014 ASAPMaci said:

jet life to the next life, all need to know
1:49 PM October 7, 2014 Big_Kruz via Mobile:

I like roddy, he's gonna come up quick. You hens argue too much about who signed who and originality. "Nothing's new under the sun." Argue about that, live in the present.