Joe Gifted - Diamond In The Ruff

Featured INDY Re-Release

Released 09/27/2014

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8:25 PM March 26, 2015 acidrain99 said:

good money
4:07 AM March 20, 2015 youngwurk via Mobile:

Bruh this joe gutta. He been bumping. I wonder what happen to jr get money though they had the underground Atlanta on lock a few years ago
7:42 AM March 13, 2015 moneymoufcj said:

it yo time bra
1:48 AM March 11, 2015 radricdavis2 via Mobile:

U can finf the Bestest beats here cause will a fool is on this shi
10:36 PM March 8, 2015 trap_hittaz14 said:

**** hard
9:02 PM March 5, 2015 tysonthelastkind said:

this nigga is what we missing
3:41 PM March 5, 2015 plucky985 via Mobile:

This da first time I heard dude and this a present classic. A lil bit of everything for everybody!
3:52 PM March 3, 2015 LoweMontana said:

this **** ridin