Reggae Bash

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11:37 PM September 25, 2014 bigdaddyholst said:

P.S. ya'll a bunch of wanksters.
10:00 PM September 25, 2014 shawnkraz said:

big up bad men
5:34 PM September 25, 2014 mullensean said:

lol ****ing creep YOURUNDACOVALUVA and metroboominWANTSOMEMORENIGGA and 1017thug are all the same person on diff names bro they all talk **** on every mixtape ******s
3:25 PM September 25, 2014 Hotbutta via Mobile:

Love it
12:26 PM September 25, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

lol I love internet thugs who think they know everything 'bout people and talk ****
10:45 AM September 25, 2014 TORecords said:

Minor Setback For A Major *** Back We shall see LAME!!!
10:44 AM September 25, 2014 TORecords said:

You Got That Right I Just Seen They Was D Ridin On Another Mixtape Those songs were old AF Lames Metroboomin Just Had anal surgery all that D Riding He Been Doing!!
10:38 PM September 24, 2014 mrlonnis said:

YourUnderCovaLuva...i already sense you are a stupid ****ing gay nigga who don't anything about jamaican music...get lost little faggat...