Luke Christopher - Tmrw, Tmrw 2

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4:50 AM October 15, 2014 lenajustine said:

STOPPPPP I can't even. He reminds me of frank ocean and j cole smashed together. He's got so much room to grow this only the beginning. You can see his growth from life jackets to TMRW TMRW PT 2.
10:08 PM October 14, 2014 Bamboodabeatmaker said:

09 go hard
3:53 PM October 11, 2014 bluntablious said:

really luke christopher what kind of artist name is that im honestly and than the song waiting game **** man that hella weak get learn how to go in on verse like for real
3:27 PM October 11, 2014 michiganstate99 said:

lame shi