Certified Clubtapes, Vol. 6

Clubtapes.com 6th volume of #CertifiedClubtapes mixtape series documenting all the very latest EDM hits. Dropping every month! The tracks remain separated and DJ friendly so everything is high quality and dance floor ready. No DJ drops!

Previous Mixtape: Certified Clubtapes, Vol. 5

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1:32 AM October 20, 2015 Killac413 said:

love your tapes... on this site just for em. why not on thisishiphopmixtapes anymore?
5:08 PM October 29, 2014 CL_Macks said:

love these tapes man! been bumpin since the first one, perfect for parties kickbacks, and i love the fact that yall mix hip hop and edm. they go so perfect together. good **** keep em coming
8:38 AM October 28, 2014 MikeMaine24 said:

this tapes slappp so hard I love the edm/hiphop mix
6:05 PM October 27, 2014 melparadise said:

lovin this!
4:57 PM October 27, 2014 tillamonsta said:

track #14 2:05 switch up!!
2:07 PM October 27, 2014 tillamonsta said:

1:49 PM October 27, 2014 C_Lo81 said:

Track 1 DOE!