Kid Art - $pielberg

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3:58 PM February 26, 2015 Mcrem said:

dis **** ok wid it doe fo sho
10:52 PM November 27, 2014 treywigfall said:

vocal quality needs work good though
4:17 PM November 23, 2014 eager_310 said:

killin it cheers club
5:32 AM November 7, 2014 jetlifers said:

quentin tarantino is a producer of movies. so thats why he says fiction. get educated bro.
12:28 PM November 5, 2014 Orbman23 said:

This has to be re-mastered and re-released. I like the project, but I can't get past the bad audio.
3:58 AM November 5, 2014 Precise_Soto said:

is this nigga hatin on tarentino in the first track?
10:30 PM November 4, 2014 LaBouseh said:

1-6 beats are fiyah, **** knock mane. I ****s with Kid Shart real talk, solid *** mixtape. Cats hating should do better.
2:36 PM November 4, 2014 youngsaint1718 said:

great tape but whoever mixed the vocals is garbage. the vocals are low and muffled.