Money MkFlyy - M.O.E

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6:39 PM November 2, 2014 moneymkflyy said:

thanks for the feedback and love so far. I worked extremely hard on this tape i did basically all the work except for making the beats.
5:18 PM November 2, 2014 lyajovde said:

like this tape his vocals on point and production really good
12:20 PM November 1, 2014 DomenicaCanta said:

seen it on my time line thought i give it a shot i will be waiting for the next tape this is good music
7:49 PM October 31, 2014 DeedraMesker said:

on track 10 felt i need to leave a comment strong mixtape will be getting my vote
7:38 PM October 31, 2014 AlbertinaPong said:

you dont hear me to dope feelin this tape