Deano - Afro N Gap Teef

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11:05 AM August 4, 2015 dennisross said:

The beats cool...
1:41 AM November 4, 2014 AdamTheLegacy via Mobile:

This **** has been up n down my timeline for a few days so I decided to give it a listen and it sounds like sacramento tryin to the be the bay
sounds like hbk and the cover looks like hbk
1:53 PM November 1, 2014 oVoPurpp via Mobile:

number 13 sounds like a rip-off of kirko bangz n tyga on girls and guitar and number 8 is the best track because the beat but he made it to soft
2:27 AM November 1, 2014 datnigga916 via Mobile:

Cool tape thou
2:26 AM November 1, 2014 datnigga916 via Mobile:

#9 sounded like it was goin to slap but never did
11:00 PM October 31, 2014 Gettitjanet via Mobile:

Does he want to be hbk or something
8:24 PM October 31, 2014 CinnamonAltoid said:

a couple tracks was cool but cant say it doesnt sound like something i heard before
8:15 PM October 31, 2014 OaklandRaised93 said:

Everything sound the same on this