What Is A Jeffree

Spotted At Mad Decent's website

In 2011, we decided to implement a new way of releasing music that not only embraced todays digital age, but also created a launchpad for artists breaking the norm. The result: Jeffree's. By dropping a new track every two weeks at a price no one could negotiate, our brainchild went on to change the face of Mad Decent in ways we couldn't have fathomed. To this day, Jeffree releases are free to the public for a limited amount of time, no strings attached. Some of our most successful releases and innovative artists have debuted on Jeffree's including Baauer, Zebra Katz, Yellow Claw, DJ Snake and more. In keeping with the traditional ethos, we now bring you What Is A Jeffree?, featuring a new crop of artists who we believe are spearheading new genres, true to the Jeffree's style. For the next two weeks, we are giving our fans a new tune each and everyday, all leading up to a free download of the entire compilation. Get your ears ready for the future sounds of tomorrow.

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