Young Jeezy - Snow (The Rebirth)

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4:51 PM October 16, 2016 Kingstaystrapped via iOS App:

5:24 PM October 2, 2015 Antbeeasy via Mobile:

1st off sum lame azz dj put dis **** out it doesnt matter its not a Exclusive mixtape oh well fuk wat a hater has 2 say
10:05 PM November 23, 2014 kingstatus29 via Mobile:

All the original songs were 100% better. The tone of all these instrumentals doesn't fit with what he's rapping about.
9:48 AM November 11, 2014 LexRuger202 said:

-86. this nigga sucks ****s

#****Jezzy #FreeGucci
9:30 AM November 11, 2014 Dosroyale said:

Yall are all dumb as **** saying anything about Gucci being relevant.. Jeezy has one of the top albums this year and Gucci is only putting out mixtapes from old *** songs he made years ago
3:16 PM November 9, 2014 Franke609 said:

-75 ...LMFAO! This has to be the worst mixtape on Livenixtapes.
4:41 PM November 8, 2014 tonyro480 said:

Jeezy is sick. this isnt jeezy. i should have to explain this to you idiots
1:29 PM November 7, 2014 jinchuriki1021 via Mobile:

Babyu atl dj do ya thang bruh bruh