Domo Genesis - Under The Influence 2

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5:16 PM May 6, 2015 Mcrem said:

this nigga is a ****ing beast... I dont even **** with OF... but this nigga is truly a beast, coming from an OG!
11:35 PM January 13, 2015 Ed_Foo via Mobile:

Ok my nigga I feel it ! Most majority of artists wouldnt touch beats like this becuz lyrics aint up to par to'em not to many got it
4:19 PM November 28, 2014 panolacharter said:

I can jam to this...
1:01 PM November 16, 2014 Kendaddi said:

@7225 your typing skills are "trash"
1:08 AM November 14, 2014 Roldenwales said:

I love Domo and the rest of OF but this tape wasn't as dope and listen No Idols. It feels pretty rushed and my nigga Left Brain's beats were kind of lacking.
9:13 AM November 11, 2014 7225 said:

it trash to much talking need your own beats
12:18 AM November 11, 2014 mikegee527 said:

lame wtf
11:12 AM November 8, 2014 trizzytrizzy said:

yall jus dont smoke enuff