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8:01 AM February 10, 2015 SouljBlac via Mobile:

Man check me out on my first state wide mix tape #SouljaBlac #MSCRecords #GreenPaperGAME SALUTE TO ERBODY ELSE ROCKIN IT TOO
2:14 PM November 13, 2014 lostindamuzic said:

Lito.....GrindHard *****
2:32 AM November 11, 2014 gucci662 said:

Memphis stand up$$$$
5:35 AM November 10, 2014 ChattKing423 said:

dolph & gotti the best??? nigga quit playing dem niggas garbage sound like the rest of the music industry & ima TN music coming out of TN is from Chatt Isaiah Rashad.
11:14 PM November 9, 2014 city2chain said:

damn project pat going in, sound like his old ****
7:07 PM November 9, 2014 aairjordan23 said:

Dolph and gotti the best out of TN
1:36 PM November 9, 2014 ChattKing423 said:

is this a TN tape or some Memphis ****? no Isaiah Rashad & he best from TN the rest don't even matter except my nigga juicy j TGOD
10:18 PM November 8, 2014 tvillain52 said:

My state