Cocky - My Granny House

DJs: DJ Slikk
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6:37 PM January 20, 2017 corey411on1 said:

u from my neck of the woods my family from providence i knrom earow adrian and boo from earlington man u and zaytoveen thats mayjor for niggas like us and were we from keep it up
5:33 AM December 9, 2014 djtez1 said:

****y what up homie,Slikk you kilt the cd bra Salute #thekympkampdjs
6:02 PM November 27, 2014 islandbwy said:

Y I thought dis was gon be some bull****, but bruh spittin sum real
8:19 PM November 24, 2014 Bizzlemane said:

My guy ****y got tha E turnt....ya digg
4:44 AM November 19, 2014 osoSTAYtreeTree via Mobile:

Brat r u the police..
1:32 PM November 18, 2014 tonyro480 said:

7:42 PM November 17, 2014 JPBlockentAllNent said:

MY nicca ****y!! It aint "ALL N" but dis tape go hard af...
4:42 PM November 17, 2014 Caylon316 said:

LOVE this mixtape!! Got me #vibin

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