Industry Overdose

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4:29 AM November 19, 2014 kosko105 said:

this mixtape is visious **** the score. real hip hop right here from NYC.
1:27 PM November 18, 2014 dac3113 said:

@ bmac79 the majority of people who comment on these mixtapes have 1017 in their name and for the most part their lyrical content is horrible .. think god for Don trip and Starlito
10:12 PM November 16, 2014 do1neking26 via Mobile:

Papoose no love
3:03 PM November 16, 2014 learned85 said:

real hip hop for the real heads. Tracks aren't brand new but most people haven't heard these yet.
10:42 AM November 16, 2014 gnikslohce said:

Aye say Peter Parker, that last mixtape Moneysota vol 3 went in. Keep this Northside s*%# going! UpToppNigga #KNOWledge
10:34 AM November 16, 2014 dtgyoung said: n migos fine by me. **** dat slap
2:05 AM November 16, 2014 hiphopnewz said:

Nah No Gucci Or Migos But Goddamn Rap Rushmore Dropped How Long Ago Tracks Are Old & Half Saigon Albums On Here Complete Trash!!!
1:08 AM November 16, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

lol @ the score