Lil Wayne Vs. Cassidy - The Beast & The Hustla, Part 4

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7:55 AM August 4, 2013 louiev_ via Mobile:

Cass too ill
1:21 AM September 16, 2012 crowdcl via Mobile:

Cassidy all day
4:46 PM July 26, 2011 54321bk said:

cassidy is great and it was close but come no one can stop the beast lil wayne!
6:54 PM April 28, 2011 tebron93 said:

Cassidy clearly n if u don't know y then u shouldve been commited suicide
4:48 AM March 13, 2011 East_warrenMan said:

#18..who beat is dat.?
3:53 PM January 20, 2011 pimpbydaybeastbynight said:

imma go with cassidy...wayne nice dont get me wrong....but cassidy, ill. EARLY!!!!
9:02 PM August 30, 2010 juwise50 said:

lil wayne vs cassidy... is this a joke? Weezy F by far!
1:58 PM April 6, 2010 lilkc_DACHAMP said:

**** where u from im from killa city/kansas city missouri ***** neither one is ****ing wit tech n9ne

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