Nico Luminous - Moon Buggy Cadillac

Space Whip Muzik. Lavender and turquoise flavored Future Trap. Moon Buggy Cadillac is the sounds of sensual stratospheric beats that knock the subs and got some funk. If you like that kind of trap that has a smooth feel with lush chord pads, melodies and spacious sound design but still has dirty low end thumps, this album is for you. From Los angeles to the Moon and back, this is an album for the Galactic travelers and Bass Heads. Based in Los Angeles, Nico Luminous has spent the past few years playing his signature style of sexy bangers from coast to coast all over the US and Canada. With sets at Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Shambhala, Envision, Raindance, Burning Man, and many more, he's a solid figure in the ranks of West Coast Bass makers.

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