Young Bleed - Bleeding Purple (Chopped Not Slopped)

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5:16 PM December 26, 2014 ishmail1000 said:

Whaaaaat?? The Concentration Camp's finest Chopped and Not Slopped?? #SALUTE!!!
2:57 PM December 2, 2014 2xtuck said:

i guess u got to search Chopstars cuz have of these mixtape i didnt know they had
11:48 AM November 27, 2014 damanriz81 said:

Been waiting for this dude's music to get the chopped not slopped treatment since the original came out ! #Chopstars #It'sATexasThang
9:43 PM November 21, 2014 chefkriz via Mobile:

Hell naw they hard fa dis