BJ The Chicago Kid - The M.A.F.E. Project

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4:52 PM April 22, 2015 TOPTOPMUSIC via Mobile:

Real music
10:15 PM January 29, 2015 g0ldie89 via Mobile:

BEEN waitin' for the Kid to drop man, ain't skipped **** yet. Bruh BEEN the truth, check the track record
9:56 PM December 5, 2014 pimtelee said:

number 3 fire as hell
4:36 PM November 27, 2014 ladie09 via Mobile:

5:52 PM November 24, 2014 Mr863REAL said:

If you understand the concept or real R&B you would understand that the quality of this. This is what the industry is missing besides these dime a dozen artist selling fake stories. This is 5 stars!
8:05 PM November 23, 2014 Audiewhit said:

BJ the Truth f*ck what a hater got to say. He put out that music niggas can ride with the female with not that funny **** niggas be making now a days.
10:42 AM November 22, 2014 vlwaysstrive said:

All of you *****es suck. Period.
7:01 PM November 21, 2014 domie20 said:

real rnb